Well, hello!

Oh hi there!

I am so over the moon to finally announce the beginning of May & Co.! Just giddy with excitement as I look at my planner for this year - it's gonna be a good one, y'all!

Looking forward to adventurous brides and couples in love, exploring new parts of New England, and pushing myself to get even more beautiful photographs.  And I also really want to grab a better hold of, a tighter grip, of this whole blogging thing. It might get kind of personal around these parts! Ready for this? Me too.

But as C+S Photography comes to a close, the heart behind all of this is staying the same. In the middle of the busy season last summer, I posted this little tidbit on Facebook. I wanted it to be a reminder to our followers, and to myself as well, what I really stand for behind the camera,
                     "We love antiques, florals, lots of greenery, tree-houses, back-lit smooches, and, MOST importantly, our clients! We choose to honor each moment, not thinking first of what pose is most "in" but what pose YOU are in. We promise to capture who you are as a couple and to capture the beauty of your wedding day just as it is."

And this is exactly how I feel today. I still honor my brides. I still promise to capture YOU and I still really just so love tree-houses. Like, can I find an actual house to live in that's in a tree?

Here's to another fabulous year!

xo Sarah