Styled Shoot - and maybe more personal then you'd think!

I've been thinking a lot lately about being apart of the creative industry. I feel so honored to photograph people in love as my job... It is SUCH a great joy to me! But you know what, it's really not easy. Honestly, it can be a difficult and quite lonely job at times. A good friend of mine once said, "Some think hiking, slack-lining... that's adventurous. But you know what's adventurous? Going to a wedding by yourself! Try that for a good time." 

That is why I'm incredibly grateful to be apart of a community filled with people who push me to keep going...

I had had a quiet week to myself on the couch culling and editing 2 weddings at once and honestly, I just needed to get out! So there I was, at the Gran-Val Scoop in Granville MA, photographing an alpaca with a flower garland surrounded by people who thought it was just as dreamy as I did.  


This was one of those nights where I felt that 'dream come true' feeling after every press of the shutter. All the high fives to...

Maya, AKA Mojalvo, AKA the most talented videographer in Connecticut, AKA fake bride.
Brittany and Jess, AKA Upstyle Hair and Makeup, AKA magicians.
Karri, AKA Karri Lee Designs, AKA most adorable calligrapher.

Beth at A Little Something Bakery / Steven from Always Bloomin' / Megan from Wedding Embassy / Nicole, owner of the Scoop / the three lovely ladies in pink xo