Behind the Scenes...

Well hello!

Recently, I have had a ton of new followers to my page and blog. So I wanted to go back to the basics and introduce myself!

PicMonkey Collage.jpg

My name is Sarah May and I am a fine art / fun loving / colorful / simple wedding photographer. Not only do I adore capturing the story of people's Best Day Ever, but I actually just really love love. I am all about celebrating YOU as a couple. I am the only vendor that stays with you from start to finish - this means that you have to LIKE me! ;)

So, here a few fun facts...

1. My faith is in Jesus alone. I am a committed Christian and live to glorify God in every little thing that I do. He gives me such life I can barely contain it. This basically means you will get gorgeous photos because I try really hard... ha!

2. I love life. If you have ever met me, you will quickly find out I am enthusiastic concerning just about everything!

3. I love to cook. I find so much joy in cooking delicious meals for my sweet husband and love entertaining!

4. Speaking of my sweet husband - I LOVE HIM! We met when we were 14 and he has been the apple of my eye ever since. LOVE YOU BABE. 

5. I love to drive. I occasionally will spend an afternoon (or an entire day!) driving and exploring Connecticut. I actually really love this state and love discovering hidden gems. 

6. I guess I like ice cream...

7. Family values. They are so important to me.. Here's one of my many favorite spots in my grandma's house.

8. Adventures!!! Robert May, my mountain man, look what you have turned me into!...

9. I love the winter time. I know, I know, it sounds kind of crazy but I really do! It's so peaceful and beautiful... Cold, yes, but I just love it.

10. I adore weddings... the fact that going to weddings is my JOB is truly a dream come true. So happy, so full of life, so celebratory... the best!!